Walking along the Singapore River, we noticed a lot of happenings around us. From the past to the current state of the Singapore River, we know that the Singapore River under went a lot of changes.

If you are interested in finding more about the history of the Singapore River, you can go to the link: Infopedia.

"Change and Continuity" in the river system/river profile:
what does it mean?

Sights and Sounds of the present day Singapore River:
The Singapore River today is mainly for tourism purposes and the buildings around it are mostly commercial. There are 9 bridges along the river. Around the river, there is a Merlion Park, Dahousie Obelisk, Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, Robertson Quay and Riverside Point & Riverside Village.

Activities carried out along the Singapore River:
River Cruises and Water-Taxis.
Boating Activities.
Fishing Competitions.
Annual Duck Race.

This is an interview with some people along the Singapore River:

The Singapore River is where many people take their daily stroll, due to the wonderful atmosphere around the River.

Activities carried out along the Singapore River in the past:
Trading Activities.

Singapore River in the Past

The past and present of the Singapore River:
The Singapore River in the past, was very dirty, as people just threw their waste into it. Shophouses and shops at the Singapore River were the main cause of the pollution. All kinds of waste was dumped into the Singapore River, from everywhere. Until the pungent smell from the River caused people to walk by to pinch their noses in disgust. After that, the government initiated a clean-up programme to help clean-up the river to what it is today.
Without doubt, the Singapore River is one story Singapore can truly call their own. From a small fishing village to a thriving trading port to today's modern city, the Singapore River has experienced it all.