Singapore, lying on the India and China trading routes, was very convenient for many businessmen and traders. Businesses and warehouses sprang out all along the stretch of the Singapore River and immigrants arrived by the thousands. It was definitely a vibrant hive of activities. Then, the "Clean-up Rivers Campaigns" in the 1980s changed everything.

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While we were walking along the Singapore River, we took some pictures of the scenery there. These two below are from the bridges that we crossed during our journey.

We also considered points like "Will the shape of the Singapore River change in the future?".

We also came across some interesting and special landmarks on our journey there.

The Singapore River
The Singapore River

The Shape/Course of the Singapore River:
Overview of the Singapore River
Do we think that the shape/course of the Singapore will change in the future?
No. This is because the shape of the Singapore River has been the same throughout the past. Thus, it is not likely that the shape of the Singapore River will change. Also, there are buildings surrounding the Singapore River, and it is highly unlikely that the Singapore River will be able to change its course in the future.

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Interesting Landmarks along the Singapore River:

1. Sir Stamford Raffles
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2. The Marquis of
Dalhousie Monument
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3. The Arts House
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4. Victoria Theatre
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5. The Fullerton Hotel
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